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Cherry Loaf Cake via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Cherry Loaf Cake

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Recently my new foodie friend Martyna posted her recipe for delicious homemade cherry ripe bites which arrived promptly in my inbox. I read through it and wanted it instantly; although I’ve never eaten Cherry Ripe before, it sounds like the sort of chocolate I’d love. Besides, her other favourite chocolate bar is Bounty, which is also one of my favourite…

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Sunny Lemon Cake via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Sunny Lemon Cake

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I don’t care who knows it, but I am an absolute _citrus fanatic_. I love _anything_ citrus; I mean, my favourite perfume is described as ‘woody, with notes of orange and grapefruit lending it a touch of spring’. I mean it. I adore everything to do with citrus. A friend had a birthday recently and I was asked to ‘rustle…

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Lamingtons via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen


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When I first travelled to Australia in the late nineties, Sydney didn’t have as vibrant a food scene as it does today. But what it did have were new things for me to discover and fall in love with. I learned to love vegemite on buttered toast, and Tim Tams were obviously too gorgeous to resist. But my favourite discovery…

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Hot Potato Masala Bites via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Hot Potato Masala Bites

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The weather’s changed recently. Late summer has slowly given way to a complaining and stuttering monsoon. The newspapers are full of reports of the monsoon failing this year, and drought has been predicted in several parts of the country. Having said that, it doesn’t feel different from last year. I’m comfortable enough to work quietly in my study with just…

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