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Fab Friday: 17th via WritingInTheKitchen.Com - @WritingInTheKitchen

Fab Friday: 17th

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It’s cold. Well, it’s probably not cold for people living in temperate climes, but it’s cold for me. I’m a child of the tropics, and although I wax lyrical about the cold weather, I tend to feel cold quickly, and I layer on the layers when I’m abroad and other people are walking around in short sleeves. So yes, you’ve…

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Roasted Potatoes in Yoghurt Gravy via - @WritingInTheKitchen

Roasted Potatoes In Yoghurt Gravy

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I was so pleased to see new potatoes – or baby potatoes as I like to call them – in the market last week. New potatoes have “thin, wispy skins” and “a crisp waxy texture”. Although they are best suited to salads, for me new potatoes mean one thing and one thing only: this gravy. New potatoes are typically in…

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Ultimate List of Fantasy Books That Are Not Harry Potter via WritingInTheKitchen.Com - @WritingInTheKitchen

Ultimate List of Fantasy Books That Are Not Harry Potter

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I grew up pre-Harry Potter; the first Harry Potter book appeared just as I finished university. It didn’t stop me from reading it, of course. Like countless adults all over the world, I have read and reread the Harry Potter books, watched the movies, and had endless enjoyable conversations with friends about the mechanics of the books, the world that…

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Layer Cake by Frankie Magazine via Fab Friday - WritingInTheKitchen.Com - @WritingInTheKitchen

Fab Friday: 3rd

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I know, I know. It’s Saturday, not Friday. I would have posted this yesterday if I could, but I have been dealing with some awful internet issues; hopefully they’ve been sorted now, so here I am! Yesterday I was enjoying a pizza lunch at Little Italy Pizzeria with my mum during our monthly catch up, and it was great. Here’s…

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Chocolate French Toast - via WritingInTheKitchen.Com {@WritingInTheKitchen}

Chocolate French Toast

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One of my friends sent me several bars of Lindt chocolate, and I’ve had a glut of chocolate as a result. After I made the brioche the other day it occurred to me that it would be wonderful to make the remainder of my brioche into French toast, and it didn’t take me too long to come up with the…

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Brioche - WritingInTheKitchen.Com - @WritingInTheKitchen


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I feel as though I ought to scream ‘Welcome back!’ and throw confetti into the air to celebrate my return to this blog after a four-year break. To own the truth, the break was not intentional; my life changed rapidly and I had far too much on my plate to continue with blogging. It was no longer a priority because…

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Fab Friday: 27th - A Celebration Of Autumn {} @WritingInTheKitchen

Fab Friday: 27th

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Autumn is here and my soul is happy, although my entire person would be infinitely happier if I were actually experiencing autumn right now. There is no autumn in Chennai, alas. We seem to shift seamlessly from nine months of summer to monsoon and right back to summer again. As I write this there have been some predictions of rain…

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Fab Friday: 20th

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On the 22nd it will be one whole year since my first published piece came out on Modern Salt, and I’m still thrilled with it. I’ve come such a long way with my food writing, and I have so many more bylines to conquer, but I must say I’m pretty pleased with myself. You can read all about it here.…

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A Brief History: Makroud El Louse

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Makroud El Louse is a delicious almond cookie from Algeria – a delightful almond-flavoured cookie coated with powdered sugar – and they have a tendency to melt in the mouth. They also happen to be one of my favourite cookies! Oh, and they’re also flourless, so they’re perfect for anyone who is on a gluten-free diet. Algerian history is a…

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