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Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Babies

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It turns out that one of the most challenging things about food blogging is coming up with names for the things you’ve just invented. So plain old ‘Chocolate Biscuits’ wouldn’t do for me; I also didn’t want to go down the ‘Best Ever Chocolate Biscuit’ route. I think the words ‘best ever’ are subjective, like beauty; something that may be…

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Gooseberry Cheesecake

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I’m not entirely sure when I came up with this madcap idea. Not the gooseberry cheesecake; that was a truly inspired idea. (More on that in a bit.) No – when did I decide that it would be okay, in my mid-thirties, to follow a mad foodie dream? I’ve begun taking orders for cupcakes over at my cupcake-making business and…

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