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Hot Potato Masala Bites via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Hot Potato Masala Bites

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The weather’s changed recently. Late summer has slowly given way to a complaining and stuttering monsoon. The newspapers are full of reports of the monsoon failing this year, and drought has been predicted in several parts of the country. Having said that, it doesn’t feel different from last year. I’m comfortable enough to work quietly in my study with just…

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Gopal's Famous Veggie Nut Burgers via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Gopal’s Famous Veggie Nut Burgers

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My family became vegetarian when I was in my pre-pubescent years and I continued to be vegetarian until my early twenties. Fortunately I grew up in a culture that celebrates and glorifies vegetables; south Indian vegetarian cuisine is famous the world over for a reason. But I was also doubly blessed to have a culinary adventuress for a mother; she…

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