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The Death of Sunshine

His name was Aditya. When I spoke to him, that’s the name I used. Aditya, the sun.

He was my sunshine, for the few months that I knew him.

He gave me hope for a future that I never thought I would have, and that is now uncertain.

When he died, it was all I could do to not crawl into his grave with him, because I died in spirit.

But graves are for the dead, and I was still living, if only in name.

So I clawed my way back into the world.

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  • Linda Maloly 27th February 2012 at 11:12 am

    I’m so glad you wrote this! I do believe it will be your first step in bringing Aditya out into the sunshine. His soul will always be of the sunshine, Awanthi. He knows you and I believe, on some level, he is with you. Perhaps in an odd way he will be the one to help you heal.
    We’re all blessed that you returned to the light of this beautiful world ♥


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