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Project Prevention – Don’t Play God (You’re Only Human)

Have any of you heard about Project Prevention?

For those of you who aren’t in the know, it’s a campaign that pays addicted women drug money in exchange for their getting sterilised. It’s being funded by the far right, and now their ‘efforts’ have gone global.

The article hooked me right from the opening line. It quotes one of Project Prevention’s many fliers, and it reads: Don’t let pregnancy get in the way of your drug habit.

I read it all the way to the end of the article, where I read that lately they have been meddling in Kenya, paying Kenyan women $47 in order to have their wombs removed. American drug addicts get paid $300, but $47 goes a long way in Kenya. Apparently, it buys a heck of a lot of drugs.

When I finished reading the article, I was furious.

Who died and made them God?

Who decided that this was okay?

You’re basically telling someone to give up on the idea of them ever having a future. That is just wrong. You’re playing on someone’s weaknesses and inability to see beyond the immediate present in order to play God and arrange for a future that you think is right.

Eugenics, no matter what your arguments for it, is not viable. There’s no such thing as conscientiously applied eugenics; besides this, imposing it on people who in all probability don’t understand and don’t care about the long term consequences of their actions is nothing short of cruel.

Educating someone to have safe sex is necessary and vital, and voluntary sterilisation is a whole other thing. However, by encouraging the habits that continue to blind addicts and defeat them in order to achieve a goal that you think is satisfactory and rewarding is morally reprehensible and utterly, utterly wrong.

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