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Not THAT Good.

I’ve been over-indulgent lately. For those of you not quite in the loop, I’ve been busy with my cupcake business and my food blog; I’ve also applied to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney so I can be a proper pastry chef some day. This is all very exciting and my life is a series of busyness. I love it, but all this food means that I have, as I said earlier, been over-indulgent lately.

So, as of yesterday, I’m off carbs and artificial sugar. This has made me supremely grumpy (day two today is no better, although I was cautiously optimistic that it might be). I’ve only done it to be disciplined and to give my body a break, but when I mentioned yesterday that I was doing this, a health-conscious friend approved heartily. As I listened astounded, she preached at me for almost 20 minutes and then ended with a hope that I would be avoiding my own sweet treats, carbs, and anything sugary henceforth.

I gently broke it to her that I was only punishing myself for a week. I mean, this is ME we’re talking about. I don’t just love bread; I love butter on my bread. I go nuts if I can’t have my daily chocolate. I mean, I own a cupcake business, for crying out loud. I’m famous for the sweet treats I make, and am regularly accused of tempting my friends down sweet-filled pathways. My photographs of my lamingtons caused _three_ of my friends to go out and buy them so they could get their fix right away. I love good food, I love my sweet treats, and I love to eat. Do you EVER see me going down the path of the righteous and the starving?

No. Me neither.

I’m not THAT good.

I’m disciplined and I work out, but that’s prompted by a desire to not only keep weight off but also live a good life. A good life for me constitutes all of the things that make my life good. Good food, good wine, good friends, good times. Love, hugs, cuddles, cats, comfort. I’m not afraid of hard work to get the things I want, and I couldn’t care less that I’m going to have laugh lines in ten years. I’m never going to refuse dessert; I’m never going to not want the last glass of wine; I’m never going to say no to buttered toast or pommes frites.

I’m not going to eschew that cupcake; I’d rather chew it instead. That’s just the way this cookie crumbles.


  • Aidan Irving 9th August 2012 at 11:31 am

    Thanks now I want a lamington and it’s too wet to go running to work it off….

  • MoiMeMoi ~ Kat 9th August 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Your evil and not in a bad way but in a now I have to make the lamington’s way. I will be converting to US measuring to be making those lamington’s and also making them gluten free. I’m following your food blog now too. Can’t wait to try other dishes as well. Thanks!

    • Awanthi @ Sybaritic Pleasures 9th August 2012 at 9:20 pm

      Thank you! I’m very happy to have added more people to my list. I know I’m a temptress, but when you eat those you will see that I’m a temptress in the BEST possible way! I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

  • stace8383 11th August 2012 at 1:35 pm

    All things in moderation! Enjoy your own stuff. But you know your own body and your health, and you are the best judge of when enough is enough. 🙂


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