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Torta di Mele via WritingInTheKitchen.Com ~ @WritingInTheKitchen

Torta di Mele (Apple Cake)

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I remember making a version of this apple cake back when I lived in Positano, under the guidance (and occasional eagle eye) of my late fiance’s mother. I had a notebook filled with her recipes, but what with the multiple moves over the past four years I’ve mislaid it. I can only hope it’s in storage somewhere because those recipes…

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Pista-chio. (Beautiful, expensive, rich.) I have a bag of these, and I don’t know what to do with them. That’s rare for me; it’s rare that I don’t know what to do with an ingredient. But when it comes to these I’m torn. Should I save them for Diwali and add them to a sweet, made with thickened milk, sugar,…

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Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread via WritingInTheKitchen.Com * @WritingintheKitchen

Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread

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When my godson Benjamin was younger (he’s ten now) there was nothing he liked better than spending time with the coolest godmother in the world – aka me. He once spent an entire month with me when he was four; his parents were travelling in Europe at the time. We used to have the most awesome time together; we’d play,…

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