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Fab Friday: 27th - A Celebration Of Autumn {writinginthekitchen.com} @WritingInTheKitchen

Fab Friday: 27th

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Autumn is here and my soul is happy, although my entire person would be infinitely happier if I were actually experiencing autumn right now. There is no autumn in Chennai, alas. We seem to shift seamlessly from nine months of summer to monsoon and right back to summer again. As I write this there have been some predictions of rain…

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Pista-chio. (Beautiful, expensive, rich.) I have a bag of these, and I don’t know what to do with them. That’s rare for me; it’s rare that I don’t know what to do with an ingredient. But when it comes to these I’m torn. Should I save them for Diwali and add them to a sweet, made with thickened milk, sugar,…

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