“I can show you this” – A Love Poem

For my boyfriend:

There are very few people in the world
with whom I can be myself;
I don’t have to be all those things I
make myself be;
Perfect, well-turned-out, mature,
diplomatic, laid-back;
I can show you raw.
I can show you bare.
I can show you this.

I can hear you breathing and we are both
semi-wakeful, wrapped up.
Around each other, in each other, and outside
is outside is outside.
Here is wonderful as I crawl onto
your body and let you hold me;
I rise with your breathing.
I inhale your skin.
I bite your shoulder, gently.

Your arms, your strength, you,
around me, and I feel it.
Safe and cocooned, I feel it.
Outside is outside and I want to
stay here, for a few more minutes.
I can show you this.
I can show you me.
I can be.

© A. Vardaraj — All Rights Reserved


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