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I see you.

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Crawling on flesh worn-to-the-bone, bloodied, falling, I see you. Can’t look at yourself in the mirror because you’re sure that the wrongness of the wrong was all you. I see you. Arguing with god in the secret room in your mind while you wear an atheist’s robes, I see you. Believing the people who tell you that you can’t love…

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Toast & Tolerance

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There was a time I cared enough to question it, when they said that things would get better. Where is eventually’s address? And are we there yet? Are we there yet? Sitting tracing circles on the smoky windows of memory, Pain says my only options are to resist or serve. The dilemma exists and there’s going to be hell to…

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“I can show you this” – A Love Poem

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For my boyfriend: There are very few people in the world with whom I can be myself; I don’t have to be all those things I make myself be; Perfect, well-turned-out, mature, diplomatic, laid-back; I can show you raw. I can show you bare. I can show you this. I can hear you breathing and we are both semi-wakeful, wrapped…

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If it was another quiver in your arrow; If it was networked into reason; If it was in every fibre of your being; If it was the dark circles around your eyes; If it was a question of your existence; If you had a chance to write your eulogy; If there was nothing left to match intensity; If you shift…

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