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It’s finally happened. The Indian government appears to be doing a China¬†and have blocked a number of websites that contain ISIS content;¬†this is hot on the heels of all the reports of some young men¬†running off to Syria to join ISIS and fight amongst them in their ranks. I’m not sure if these websites contain ISIS propaganda, or if they’re…

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Shut Up And Sing!

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Last night I watched a very interesting documentary called ‘Shut up and sing‘. It covers the lives of the Dixie Chicks for three years after Natalie Maines publicly criticised the George W. Bush administration for going to war against Iraq. I was struck by the immense reactions to that one simple statement by members of the public and of the…

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Nothing But Time

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Last week I discovered Hong Yi’s amazing art; as you can see from the link, she’s on a mission to play with her food for a month. Her work captivated me and I became an instant fan. I think she’s clever and wonderful, and I would love for her to press ahead with her dreams of making her food art…

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Dented, Painted, Indian, Woman

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I am all of it. I am dented by life; I am forever changed by the experiences I have had. I have been shaped as I have lived, for I have embraced life. The lessons learned were sometimes not learned, and so the learning of them was harder; my self was moulded, over and over; my heart was broken and…

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Children Are More Important Than Guns

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I have made my hatred for guns clear, but apart from watching ‘Bowling for Columbine‘, and feeling sad/shocked/horrified about the various gun-related tragedies that seem to consistently target the people of the United States, I’ve never quite voiced my opinion of US gun culture. Let me change that. I don’t think that the right to bear arms is more important…

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Smarter Than You

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I find it difficult to like people who flaunt their intellectual superiority. I don’t actually care that your IQ is off the charts. I don’t care that you’re a¬†bona fide¬†certified genius. I don’t care that you can reel facts off the top of your head, that you can do maths in seconds, and that you know what the chemical properties…

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Fattists Not Welcome

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When my godson‚Äôs seven year old sister Anaina visited her best friend J a couple of days ago, she was expecting to just be a seven year old and hang out with her friend. She was looking forward to playing with J, showing her the new present her uncle had bought her, and hanging out. But when she went back…

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No, I won’t say ‘Merry Christmas’.

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This is what it looks like when I’ve had enough. I am tired of the hatred and intolerance perpetrated by certain members of the Christian community about the widespread prevalence of people saying ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas’. WHAT? Last year there was a long-winded status floating around Facebook that pretty much blamed the immigrant communities for the rise…

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Your Body, Your Rules

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What, another post, and so soon? Well, yes. I haven’t been blogging in a couple of weeks and I have some catching up to do. I read an interesting post by the friend of a friend about body hair. In other words, a woman’s body hair. In other other words, this is THAT post about body hair. You know, the…

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More! More babies!

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I’d be happy to have one child. I think everyone who reads this blog has sort of realised that by now. One child to call me mum. I’m also not sure how I’d react to anyone telling me to ‘have more babies’. Yet, I see that sort of thing all the time. Recently, a friend’s birth announcement announcing the birth…

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