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Pity Us

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Pity the daughters of beautiful women who by some twist of genetics do not end up looking like our gorgeous fashionable mothers, but looking more like ourselves instead. They will always be the yardsticks that we will never live up to, and many of us may spend our entire lives trying. People will be unkind and tell us that we…

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The Librarian – Memories of a Lost Childhood

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I sometimes wake up thinking that I have to go to school again, and it fills me with dread before I realise that I never have to go to school again; I never have to walk to that cold building with its dark long corridors and barred windows; I never have to park my bottom again on those hard benches…

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Settle down, your life is over.

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I find that I’m unusually contented with my lot lately. It’s not rare for me to go through periods of contentment where I am happy to go through my day doing my work, and living my quiet life. But underneath that contentment there’s always a fire, a perennial longing to do today all the things I want someday. I’ve learned…

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