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Words and Airplanes

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“Everything you can imagine is real.” — Pablo Picasso It’s been too long. It’s not even as though my blog and I broke up or anything; quite the opposite; it’s always on my mind and I think of it with longing and affection. I guess with all the writing I’ve been doing lately, I just ran out of time to…

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Nothing But Time

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Last week I discovered Hong Yi’s amazing art; as you can see from the link, she’s on a mission to play with her food for a month. Her work captivated me and I became an instant fan. I think she’s clever and wonderful, and I would love for her to press ahead with her dreams of making her food art…

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The Past Two Weeks

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I’m _exhausted_. I don’t just mean that I’m tired; it’s not the sort of tired you feel at the end of the day when you’ve had full and busy and looked up at the clock and realised that it wasn’t even noon yet. I’m _exhausted_. I’m worn out, on almost every level. I just feel completely depleted and I need…

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