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The Sunshine Pill

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I have a vitamin D deficiency, apparently. I have to take this supplement for an unspecified while, to build my body’s supplies up. I call it the sunshine pill. Look at it; double-sided, pale on one side, as orange as the yolk of a new-laid egg on the other. It’s smooth, oval, and I like to think I’m swallowing a…

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The C Scare

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Lymphoma? I don’t know. Nobody does yet. I’ve had some weird symptoms going on with me for a few months; swollen lymph nodes that leak (I know; it sounds gross) from time to time, constant exhaustion and lack of energy, and an elevated body temperature. So, I had a battery of tests done yesterday, and I’ve been poked and prodded…

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Fattists Not Welcome

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When my godson’s seven year old sister Anaina visited her best friend J a couple of days ago, she was expecting to just be a seven year old and hang out with her friend. She was looking forward to playing with J, showing her the new present her uncle had bought her, and hanging out. But when she went back…

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Your Body, Your Rules

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What, another post, and so soon? Well, yes. I haven’t been blogging in a couple of weeks and I have some catching up to do. I read an interesting post by the friend of a friend about body hair. In other words, a woman’s body hair. In other other words, this is THAT post about body hair. You know, the…

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